Happy Sabby pre-school

This is a home-school project where we visit the pre-school once a month. We do various educational activities to prepare the learners for Grade 1. Using Kodály is a key element to the developing of their skills.

Contact person: Elrika van der Merwe (082 923 9490)

Thembisa Holiday workshops

During school holidays on Fridays, various Kodály teachers head to Thembisa to enrich the lives of a group of children. Along with Thembisa serenade, the day constitutes of singing folk songs, playing rhythm games, other musical games, solo- and group singing of traditional songs and other choir pieces. The children are divided into age groups, each with a Kodály teacher to do some fun and educational Kodály-based activities with them.

Contact person: Lulama Nkone (076 135 1740)